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International Business Consultant

International Business Consultant

Mandi is an accomplished International Business Consultant, leveraging her university background in International Relations to provide exceptional expertise in the field. Her dedication to philanthropy has been recognized through the prestigious Outstanding Canadian Award in 2022, which she received for her remarkable efforts in raising over $1,000,000 for humanitarian relief in Ukraine. Mandi’s commitment to making a difference extends beyond this accomplishment, as she continues to support registered charities in their fundraising endeavors. She firmly believes that charity is a true luxury. Mandi’s passion for helping others stems from personal experiences, including the loss to cancer of her dear friend Igor Lobortas, the founder of Lobortas Classic Jewellery House from Ukraine. It is through her philanthropic journey that Mandi had the honor of getting to know Igor, and she is now honored to contribute to the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation’s fundraising initiatives for cancer research.

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