Mark Berardo

Marketing and PR Professional

Marketing and PR Professional

Mark Berardo is one of Canada’s most passionate marketers and PR executive specializing in the automotive industry and luxury brands.  Through his passion and leadership, he has helped some of the world’s biggest brands rise to the top in the Canadian marketplace. His knowledge is deep routed in over 25 years of marketing experience inclusive of brand marketing, promotions, digital content strategy, and event management.

Mark’s early adoption and comprehension of digital marketing technologies in the 90’s have enabled him to continually reinvent, innovate, and adapt as technology evolves and the social media landscape changes. Mark’s strongest asset is his ability to look at brands from the 1000-foot level and deliver a strategic path for future brand and retail growth. He has his own proven style of leadership, energy, creativity, and confidence that goes unmatched.

Mark’s philanthropic focus and tireless efforts are for The Princess Margaret, and to find a cure for cancer in his lifetime. His cause is strengthened and motivated by his wife Jenny Young, who is a cancer survivor and patient undergoing treatment at The Princess Margaret.

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